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In Focus: Unlock Your Brain's Potential

Discover how Play Attention can improve:




Cognitive Function


Filtering Distractions

Task Initiation & Completion

Play Attention is the only learning system available that combines feedback technology with attention training, cognitive skill training, and behavior shaping in one package. Since attention problems are often accompanied by social, academic, and cognitive issues, Play Attention has a broad array of activities that span attention building, task completion, social skills, working memory and so much more.

Play Attention is the only neurocognitive system to have randomized, controlled studies funded by the US Department of Education and performed by a prestigious medical school. The peer-reviewed journal Pediatrics discusses a six month follow up review of a study performed on Play Attention by the prestigious Tufts School of Medicine in the Boston Public Schools. Play Attention is termed “Neurofeedback” in the article. The researchers found that “Neurofeedback participants made more prompt and greater improvements in ADHD symptoms, which were sustained at the 6-month follow-up, than did CT (cognitive training) participants or those in the control group. This finding suggests that neurofeedback is a promising attention training treatment for children with ADHD.”

Steiner, Naomi J. et al. (2014), In-School Neurofeedback Training for ADHD: Sustained Improvements From a Randomized Control Trial. Pediatrics, 133(3).

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